Diabetes: What You Should Know (Will Save You)

Diabetes is a silent disease. If it goes undetected, it can become a life threatening disease. People have been known to have their legs amputated due to diabetes. Why is this so? It is simply due to the fact that people are not able to identify the possible diabetic symptoms. Just try asking some people about diabetes and you will be surprised with the answer.

I know because my aunt was one such casualty of diabetes. You see, she was diabetic but did not know about it. Not realizing that she was diabetic, she continued eating whatever she liked. There was no diet because of her ignorance. When she developed a sore in her right leg, not knowing that a diabetic had to take additional care where wounds or injuries are concerned, she ignored it as she thought it would heal itself. After all it was just a small sore. It did not go away, and instead, the sore in her leg became a bigger wound. It was later that she decided to visit a doctor. However, it was too late as the wound developed into gangrene. She had to have her leg amputated. Though this happened in the late 1970's, today in the 21st century, people are still as ignorant of diabetes as in the 1970s.

In most developed countries as well as in the third world countries, access to medical doctors are easier than in the 1970s. So there is no excuse whatsoever to be ignorant about this life-threatening disease. Also, there is always the library that a person can turn to for information on diabetes. If you are still unable to obtain the correct information on diabetes, then turn to the Internet to seek for more information. There are a number of websites on diabetes, ranging from diet to controlling diabetes. There is absolutely no excuse not to be well informed about diabetes.

You may ask why am I so concerned about diabetes? Let's put it this way, ought not we be concerned about a silent killer? There has been a lot of publicity on other diseases such as cancer. But there is not much publicity on diabetes. Yes, I did say that there are a number of ways to obtain information on diabetes, but the publicity to make people more aware of diabetes is sadly insufficient. I believed that there should be more publicity to reach out to a larger crowd of people to educate them on the dangers of diabetes.

The problem with diabetes is that living in this modern world, we are bombarded with advertisement on the different types of food and beverages made available to us. As we consumed these processed food and beverages, guess what happened next? Our body system starts to react to the food and beverages. In processed food and beverages, manufacturers being concerned with the bottom line, will continue to add more refined sugar and salt to make the food and beverages tastier. Imagine, when someone kept on consuming all these stuff, especially if it is full of sugar! What will happen next? Our body will start to fail us. It would not be able to make use of the excess sugar and these will just be in our blood. I'm not talking only about the refined sugar. Almost at fault are food items such as refined rice and potatoes that will make our blood sugar rise faster and if not taken care of, will possibly result in diabetes.

The previous paragraph talks about food and beverage laden with sugar and refined carbohydrates. But there is another aspect to this. As we progressed as a modern society, we have lesser time for exercise. Of course, there will be some amongst us who are disciplined to continue with their exercise routine. This is not so for the majority of us. What will happen? Simply this, with the consumption of all those refined food and beverages, coupled with a lack of exercise, we will see more and more people suffering from diabetes. What makes it scary is that most will not be aware that diabetes is within striking distance of them.

So what is it that we, as individuals can do about it? I will list out a couple of steps here. In future, more will be outlined. Firstly, we need to find out our own genetic history. Trace back to your parents and grandparents. Check whether any of them had histories of diabetes. If no, then the chance of getting diabetes is reduced. I say only reduced because there is no guarantee that diabetes will not strike at a later stage. For those of you who are able to trace back your family history and discover that one of your parents or grandparents had diabetes, your chance of getting diabetes is increased. However, this is not the end of the world. There are many ways and means to avoid or delay the onset of diabetes. For more information on diabetes, you may wish to visit my website at http://www.inforichweb.com.

About The Author
Tom YC, a trainer by profession, advocates life-long learning and that age is no barrier. His motto is "Gain new information to scale new heights". He was recently diagnosed with diabetes and other diseases. This resulted in him looking for more information on these diseases but to his disappointment it is not easily available. He hopes to provide a one-stop website for such information for the layman. More information on diabetes can be found on his website at http://www.inforichweb.com.

Qigong - The New Age Of Healthcare


No Pills, No Doctors, Just You and Your Innate Ability to Heal Yourself

More and more people are turning to alternative, and for the most part ancient forms of healing, as collectively we enter into a personal middle-age Age of Aquarius. Being globally connected through the internet to mass amounts of information has enabled us to take a more assertive stand for control and direction of our healthcare needs; literally designing our own healing. We have gained new understanding of the limitations of traditional western medicine and new insight into the viability of ancient practices. Onlineqigong.com was created to connect people with self-directed healing through what might be the simplest, easiest, most affordable, ancient method for self-healing – the 18 movements of Tai Chi Qigong.

An excerpt from the upcoming online book found at http://www.onlineqigong.com:

“It started slowly. At first I couldn't garden for very long anymore – something I had always had passion for. Within a year I needed help standing up from the couch. It then progressed into needed help getting up the stairs and getting out of bed and, within four years I couldn't get to sleep without narcotics and a sleeping pill chaser. In the end, I would endure painful cramping from taking laxatives to counter act the narcotics, stay up for days when the effect of the sleeping pills wore off, and lived dependant on pain-relief medication during my waking hours. As an ugly side effect to the loss of mobility and quality of life, depression set in – so, I added anti-anxiety drugs (benzodiazepines) to the long list of medications. I was forty four”

The decline in the quality of my life due to a rapid onset of osteoarthritis was the catalyst into my practice of Qigong. I watched my husband teach many the 18 simple, gentle movements. I listened to them tell their stories of a life recovered from migraines, arthritis, joint pain, sudden injury, and I resented it all. I just could not believe that this “waving of arms”, this “gentle bending and turning” could possibly make that big a difference – until, the final straw of depression fell on my now dry life and I gave in to trying it.”

Qigong is an ancient Chinese art – 5000 years old some say. Like many ancient Asian art forms, its foundation lies in a belief in the connection between, or oneness of, nature, the universe and us. Qi is a term used to describe “energy”. Gong means “work”. Qigong is simply “energy work”. As we are now learning from science (mainly Quantum Physics), in our molecular essence all we are is energy. The gentle, Tai Chi movements of Qigong were specifically designed to move a persons personal energy – that which we are made of and that which immediately surrounds us – through meridians or channels within to promote healing and the maintenance of better health. Our energy field goes out ten feet from our bodied (AKA our personal space) and travels distinct paths mapped by the ancient Chinese. Using the body’s natural flow of energy and connecting that with the energy of the universe, Qigong was practiced to unblock body energy that resulted in illness, promote balance (emotional and physical) and help to breakdown false interpretations of separateness between ourselves and everything else. This resulted in a holistic encouragement of peace.

Qigong’s meditative quality of stilling the mind through focus on the movements and breathing means that those practicing, who have busy lives, can incorporate healthcare for both body and mind in one method. Meditation has been proven to promote creativity, lower stress levels, and create feelings of wellness and peace. The National Center for Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) believes “Today, many people use meditation outside of its traditional religious or cultural settings as a form of mind-body medicine. Many claims have been made about its value in promoting or improving health and wellness. Research on these claims, as well as on how meditation might work, is important for NCCAM and other components of the National Institutes of Health (NIH).” (NCCAM website, Oct. 13, 2008). As a natural component of Qigong, the benefits of meditation compliment the practice making the combination more balanced and effective.

Excerpt cont.:

“After one month of practice I stopped taking the painkillers at night and during the day. The sleeping pills became redundant as my brain chemistry began to re-balance itself. Today, three months after seriously undertaking a daily practice, I take nothing for arthritis. I simply don’t need it. My mobility has returned, my pain all but vanished, the depression gone.”

Most of the 1.3 billion plus people in China rely, in one way or another, on unconventional medicine (unconventional only by western standards) to prolong and in crease the quality of life. The following is taken from the online source, “Qi: The Journal of Traditional Eastern Health and Fitness”, a site dedicated to the open form discussion of Qi and Healthcare; “It is difficult to estimate how many people in China regularly practice Qigong. Estimates from government health administrators, physicians, Qigong masters, and the directors of the Qigong institutes range from 80 million to 150 million people” (accessed Oct. 13, 2008). It has only been recently (perhaps in the past 50 years) that the west is sitting up and taking note.

The website also notes, “In China, the true definition of health care is to care for one's health. The rationale for self-care is that if citizens can do self-applied health enhancement methods (SAHEM), in the comfort of their own home for no cost, then health care is free. An ancient Chinese tradition encourages citizens and physicians to take great pride in healthy longevity. One of the most ancient and revered codes of traditional medicine states; "The superior physician teaches people to sustain their health." . . . In China, this variety of free health care is being utilized by millions of people every day, and it is actively supported by the Chinese government.” (accessed Oct. 13, 2008).

Now more than ever, in particular because of peoples arising open-minded nature, ancient healthcare techniques are being employed and embraced with astounding results. Visit Onlineqigong.com to listen to testimonials. The goal of Onlineqigong is to raise awareness of the availability and simplicity of self-healing; to make learning easy, affordable and accessible, and to increase the participant’s effectiveness in self-directed healthcare through ongoing support updates and practice tips on technique.

We can all agree that longevity is important, but the high quality of a prolonged existence is crucial. Without good health our own bodies can become prisons. The key to freedom may have been forged 5000 or so years ago but, tried, tested and true, millions in the ancient culture of China can’t be wrong.
About The Author
Shawn is a longtime practioner of the healing arts and a certified Qigong Instructor.

The Way of Qigong: The Art and Science of Chinese Energy Healing


Acne sucks, but unfortunately for all the angst ridden teens in this world, there is generally very little you can do to prevent a pimple outbreak other than getting a over the counter prescription to burn the red and black headed little suckers away. Acne happens when skin pores become clogged with naturally occurring oils, which promotes the growth of bacteria thus causing inflammation. Zits of course, are a mainstay of everyday adolescent life, but some people can suffer outbreaks well into their twenties and thirties. The severity of an outbreak depends upon several factors including genetics, diet, and hygiene.
Over the past half century a multibillion-dollar industry has developed as companies push various facial cleansers, soaps and creams upon the pimpled populace. Benzoyl peroxide, a chemical that essential dries up the skin has become one of the most popular treatments today despite the fact that it can end up irritating the skin. For those who suffer from severe cases of acne, expensive over the counter prescription drugs as well a laser surgery that can run into the thousands of dollars has now become the norm.
Natural effective cures for acne sufferers do exist but are generally ignored by the mainstream media which it depend upon the ad revenue flow of giant pharmaceutical companies to pay their bills. One possible natural treatment for acne is Aloe Vera. The gel of the Aloe Vera plant contains many skin friendly properties that can help heal and rejuvenate the skin. For years, the Aloe Vera plant has been used as a home remedy to treat burns, cuts and insect bites. The same properties of the plant that helps sooth a burn will also help reduce the redness and swelling caused by acne. The long chain polysaccharides within the gel of the Aloe plant are natural building blocks that will help the skin repair itself. Aloe also contains significant amounts of vitamin E; a vitamin many experts say is essential for healthy skin. Aloe also acts like a mild astringent, which will help remove excess oil and bacteria, helping keep future acne outbreaks at bay.
While Aloe Vera plant will not help get rid of those dastardly pimples overnight, it can be as effective as many of the over hyped creams, lotions and gels found at your local drug store. A little Aloe Vera plant costs only a couple of bucks and can be found at any garden center. They are real easy to take care of, requiring only a minimal amount of care and lots of sunshine. And, if your thumbs are nowhere near green, Aloe Vera products are readily available at most drugstores. These products, usually found in the “natural remedies” section, will generally cost much less than the products that you see advertised between episodes of America’s Best Dance Crew and will work just as well in clearing and healing your skin.
Yulia Berry is an independent health researcher and author of the best selling e-book on aloe vera, "Aloe - Your Miracle Doctor." She distributes a weekly newsletter regarding home remedies and has written another popular e-book "Pharmacy In Vegetables" and dozens of natural health articles published on hundreds of websites worldwide. For information on Aloe - Your Miracle Doctor, visit: http://www.aloe-yourmiracledoctor.com

Tips For Fresh Breath

Everyone wants to have fresh breath. Whether you are with a client trying to make a good impression, on a date looking for a kiss, or trying to keep your friends from looking away while you chat with them… everyone wants to have fresh breath. Here are some tips for fresh breath.
• Eat an apple - Apples have pectin in them which naturally removes odors from your mouth. Plus apples are good for your teeth and you know what they say…an apple a day keep the doctor away.
• Use a tongue scraper - Using a tongue scraper removes dead cells, bacteria, and leftover food off of your tongue. So it basically removes everything that causes bad breath. A tongue scraper is an excellent tool to have around to quickly prevent bad breath.
• Drink water - A dry mouth helps cause bad breath so you should continue to drink water all day to keep your mouth moist.
• Munch on fresh herbs - Rather than keeping mints or gum handy, hold onto some fresh herbs instead. Rosemary, parsley, spearmint, and tarragon are all excellent choices of fresh herbs to chew on in order to keep your breath fresh.
• Drink green tea - Green tea has polyphenols in it which helps stop the growth of bacteria in the mouth and therefore stops bad breath. Plus green tea is good for you and is known for helping fight cancer.

Aromatherapy is an effective natural healing technique

Aromatherapy is an effective natural healing technique that can help you feel less stressed. Since long term stress can cause physical and emotional damage, you should do everything you can to reduce your stress levels. These aromatherapy tips can be used at home or in the office to help you feel more relaxed.
When you use aromatherapy to treat stress, you are giving your body nudges toward relaxation and healing using your scent of smell. You may have trouble remembering affirmations or not have time to take up a yoga practice, but aromatherapy is an instant way to feel relief from stress. Your body can’t help but react to powerful cues that it receives from scent.
You can blend your own aromatherapy oils or purchase blends from the store. Lavender, bergamot, majoram, sandlewood, lemon and chamomile are the most relaxing scents, in that order. Valerian, ylang, ylang and neroli are also powerful relaxers.
You can apply the oils by rubbing them directly on your temples. You can add a few drops to a steaming pan of water and then inhale the steam. You can moisten a washcloth in the scented water over your face. Make sure to breathe deeply when you use the oils and you’ll instantly feel the effects. "aromatherapy oils"

Easier Sinus Surgery for Kids

ORLANDO, Fla. (KFSN) -- When treatments for kids with chronic sinus problems fail, surgery is often an option. Traditional sinus operations may require packing and tissue removal. They can be hard on adults and even harder on children. Now, a new procedure repairs the problem of clogged sinuses and gets kids back on their feet the next day. FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE VISIT: Click Here. Watch Video Here

Water: The Overlooked Nutrient

When people talk about nutrition, they usually overlook one of the most important nutrients necessary for good health. WATER! That's mostly because we've taken it for granted for thousands of years.

Water alone cures many so-called “diseases”. It even eases aches and pains. Dehydration is a major problem, and it’s estimated that 4/5ths of the human population is dehydrated. To further multiply this problem, as we get older, we tend to lose the “thirsty” feelings that urge us to drink.

It’s usually recommended that we each drink 64 ounces of water per day - that’s 8 each 8 ounce glasses (full) every day. Actually, the better recommendation for good health is 1 gallon per 50 pounds of body weight. Few of us ever get even those minimum 8 glasses per day. The majority of adults in the US are borderline dehydrated. This is a mostly unsuspected cause, or a contributor to almost all disease or illnesses. You cannot drink too much water, so for better health start forcing yourself to drink more! You’ll enjoy better health as a result.

We cannot absorb water properly in anything that contains caffeine or sugar, so soda, coffee and tea don’t count in your daily intake. Some experts say that we should take enough water in so that our urine looks almost clear. (Since I take a multivitamin with excess B vitamins, my urine is always slightly yellow colored.

Did you know that many deaths in nursing homes are actually caused by dehydration? Dehydration of the frontal lobes is a major factor in senility and is often misdiagnosed as Alzheimer’s.

People are becoming aware that their drinking water (out of the tap) isn't very good any more. The market for bottled water is huge and becoming more and more profitable every year as a result. But, is all bottled water safe? Here are a few of the problems:

The plastic it is usually packaged in varies. The “cloudy” type isn’t nearly as stable a plastic as the clear type. And, all plastic gives up a few molecules to water (the universal solvent of the philosophers). This is not good for any of us. Hard plastic or glass is best.

City and municipal water requirements are usually much more stringent than are bottling rules. In a study of 103 brands of bottled water the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) found that 1/3rd of the over 1000 bottles tested contained bacteria, as well as synthetic organic chemicals, and one sample even contained arsenic above state health limits.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulates the tap water standards, and promotes a Minimum Federal Standard for cities and states. They have no jurisdiction over bottled water, so there are no real standard to protect us. (Can you trust any water bottler, or all of the employees of same?)

Let’s look at some labels and see what they really mean.

1. Bottled Spring water: All too often this is just a scam. Yes, it's from a "spring", but there is no guarantee that the water from this spring is pure. Often, it's bottled from a local water supply directly from a tap. It's from a spring OK, but what spring? There's big money in bottled water, and if you haven't noticed, it's sometimes even more expensive than soft drinks.

2: Drinking Water. This is at least half honest. It's straight out of a faucet, so we can hope that it's at least relatively free of toxicity, and maybe meets the minimum Federal standard for drinking water. Did you know that many, if not most, city and town water supplies in the USA do NOT meet "Minimum"? (Of course, those "standards" only apply to sissies.) Good luck.

3. Catching Rainwater. This time-honored way to get "pure water" just doesn't work very well anymore. The amount of toxic material in the air results in "Acid Rain" in much of the US. When my wife and I sailed around the Caribbean some years ago, we caught all our water that way, and simply filtered it thru a carbon block filter after putting in some chlorine to kill the possible airborne bacteria. It worked because the ocean rain is much purer than most of the rain over land.

4. Carbon Filtered Water. These are those little "screw-on" or "pitcher" water filters. Some even have a silver nitrate element to kill bacteria included. Few are good enough to remove most of the worst contaminants. And, few people change the filters often enough, so contamination creeps in again. They give you a false sense of security, and because of the carbon filtering, the water smells and tastes better, but in most areas, it simply isn't very good. (Perfume can cover up a contamination smell, but it doesn't remove the source.)

5. Distilled Water. This is excellent for your steam iron or making Colloidal Silver, but unless it's distilled in glass, it may have high amounts of Copper or Nickel from the distilling piping used. It also usually has no taste - pretty flat. But, it's still better than what probably comes out of your faucet.

6. Reverse Osmosis Water. This is probably the "best" of all drinking water, PROVIDED that the filters are changed regularly. Ideally, there are several "particle" filters and at least one carbon block filter prior to the Reverse Osmosis filter. This RO filter is a rubbery sheet, and by osmotic action, (and water pressure) molecules of water pass from the "dirty" side to the "clean side. This type of filter can also get clean drinking water from the ocean. It is by far the best drinking water. (For a great taste, you can add about ¼ teaspoon of sea salt per gallon, and/or even a few drops of lemon juice.)

Those are your choices for cleaner and safer water. As you can see, I recommend only the RO water because it's cheaper and safer than filling gallon jugs out of a RO machine in a supermarket!

I found a simple under-counter Reverse Osmosis unit at Costco or Home Depot for under $150. It wasn’t too difficult to install, and it works well for a year without changing filters in a two person household. (Otherwise, change filters every six months.)

Your health is up to you. I hope this helps you to make good choices.

About The Author
Phil Bate PhD - Retired Orthomolecular Psychologist
Inventor and Patent Pending Holder for Brain Wave Amplitude Changing via Neuroliminal Training
http://DrBate.com "Reverse Osmosis Water"

Be Careful of Colon Cleanse Scams!

Background: It has come to our attention that due to the recent popularity of colon cleanse in our society there has unfortunately been many companies trying to cash in on this craze by putting out colon cleanse products that have very few active ingredients (if any) and selling them online and in stores. To combat this we have spent the last 5 months testing over 35 different readily available colon cleaning products using our very strict criteria and standards to find out which ones actually work as promised.

Our Results:
We found 3 products that fit all of our criteria and had adequate levels of active ingredient. A' 3 of the products we list below were very potent cleansers and weight loss catalysts while not causing any stomach discomfort or irritation at all. Many of our participants lost 15 lbs in just a few days after they started cleansing. Please read our reviews below and choose a cleanse that has proven results.

Study Updated: 6/5/2009

Regular screenings and the use of an effective colon cleanse product are two essential steps needed in the prevention of colon cancer.
Best Colon Cleanse Products Reviewed Below

Natures Cleanse
By far the best and most comprehensive colon cleanse product that we tested. It was highly recommended by Dr Perricone on Fox News during his segment on Superfoods for weight loss as well as on Oprah Winfrey. Our of the 35 products we tested, it got the highest grades from effectiveness, easy of use, taste and quality of active ingredients. Each of our 5 testers lost between 13 - 16 lbs in roughly 3 days of use. All reported having more energy and a less bloated feeling stomach. Natures Cleanse was the most effective colon cleanse product we could find on the market.
Nature's Plus - Nature Cleanse Purifiber, 1 kit

Our second favorite product was ColoFlush. This was the Colon Cleanse featured on Oprah and Rachel Ray recently. It was a very tough decision when deciding which to rate higher as this products worked about as good as Natures Cleanse but our testers showed significantly less weight loss which means it didn't remove nearly the amount of gunk from the colon as Natures Cleanse. On average our testers lost 8-11 lbs during the first 3 days of use as compared to 13-16 with Natures Cleanse. While still a product we would recommend it would definitely not be our first choice.

Body And Physical Health Coloflush (60 Caps) - Gently Flush The Colon And Improve Systemic Health

Total Cleanse
Total Cleanse definitely helped with weight loss as it claims but it has less pure natural extracting herbs in each dose than the two products we ranked above it. After 3 days the weight loss of our participants was about 4 lbs less than Natures Cleanse and ColoFlush and we didn't notice the same increase in energy levels. The stool examination showed considerably less "gunk" and looked more like normal everyday bowel movements than our other 2 products.

Organic Total Body Cleanse

Solving the PMS Problems Without Drugs

PMS (Pre-Menstrual Syndrome) is NOT a real disease, although many women would disagree with me. It's actually a product of our modern diet, combined with our daily stress, etc.

There are several chemical changes in the blood of a woman that occur a few days prior to the actual menstrual period, or bleeding cycle. One of these changes has the zinc level going low, and has the copper level goes high. Since, very high copper/zinc ratios can actually cause schizophrenia, it might be said that every woman slides at least a little bit towards "crazy" or schizophrenic at this period. These imbalances can be very serious in some women.

Of course, all these changes are individual, depending on the current ratios of copper and zinc, genetic factors, etc. There are several other changes as the female body gets ready for another cycle of fertility. There are different symptoms for each woman, although many become irritable at least. PMS is something that husbands use to explain when the wife gets angry or upset. And wives use it as well as an excuse at times.

There is a very simple vitamin/mineral "cure" that seems to work for all women. This is simply taking vitamin B6 and magnesium supplements regularly. Unfortunately, this "word" got out, and some MD's heard about it, and started their patients on large doses of B6. These women developed different other problems which were then determined by the MD's as "B6 toxicity", and thus B6 got a bad name. "Learned experts" then wrote up B6 as possibly toxic in various articles and papers.

The truth, known to all scientists who have studied vitamin and mineral interaction, is much simpler. If you take large doses of individual B vitamins, you are likely to develop a deficiency in some others.

Thus, if you are going to take large doses of B6, you MUST be taking at least a 50 Mg B complex at the same time. (B vitamins are synergistic and all are needed to work together.)


As for magnesium, there is a built-in body response to too much - Diarrhea. Epsom salts, an old laxative, is magnesium sulphate, and a little goes a long way. It tastes terrible, and using magnesium citrate tablets from a health store is usually easier for most.

On my website, there is a page devoted to a basic vitamin mineral regimen. It’s the same one I’ve used for years. I have no vested interest in the manufacturer who makes the basic multiple, but I’ve found that it works for most for over 25 years. You’ll also find my newest recommendations for magnesium and calcium balance.

How much B6 should you take to avoid PMS? That's a tough question to answer, as everyone is different. The usual recommendation is to try taking about 200 mg per day at least 10 days prior to the menstrual period and see if you have PMS. If not, for that period, try cutting down to 100 mg for the next period. Keep experimenting until you find your correct dosage. Remember that you are the best judge of your health. You should be taking the B complex every day of the month of course, and preferably a good base vitamin/mineral supplement tablet such as the one recommended on my web page.

If 200 mg doesn't clear up the PMS completely, try 250 mg, or try taking the 200 for the whole month. It varies with each individual. My wife, when I first met her over 20 years ago had very bad PMS. She started on 200 mg and had no PMS. A month or so later, she got quite twitchy, and remarked "You know if I didn't know better, I'd think I was having PMS. I'm feeling bad, and I'm craving salty foods." When I told her that I had cut her down to 100 mg she got very angry at me. So, she went back up and we found that 150 mg every day added to the 75 in the VM-75 was just right for her at that time. A year or so later, she no longer needed the B6, as the VM-75 did it for her. She has never had PMS again. This experience is typical for most women. I hope it helps you.

About The Author
Phil Bate PhD - Retired Orthomolecular Psychologist
Inventor and Patent Pending Holder for Brain Wave Amplitude Changing via Neuroliminal Training

Salty Meal Warning

The Center for Science is warning the public about dangerously high levels of sodium in chain restaurant meals.